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Baku Stock Exchange


Closed Joint Stock Company – Baku Stock Exchange

Date of foundation

27th of August 1997

Management structure

Supreme Authority – General Meeting of Shareholders

Regulatory Body – Supervisory Board

Executive Board – Board of Directors

Share capital

5,040,000 AZN


Total number of shareholders – 20

Main technologies

The electronic trading system (BETP), which is the core for trading and post-trading processes. This system is characterized by a high degree of integration and was developed by the Montran company in 2023 as part of the “Capital Market Modernization of the Republic of Azerbaijan” program


Phone: (+994 12) 539-72-49
Fax: (+994 12) 493-77-93
Фактический адрес: Hasan bay Zardabi avenue 2A,Baku Azerbaijan, AZ1141
Board of Directors
Name Position
Abdullayev Eldar

Acting Chairman of the Executive Board