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Public Joint-Stock Company “Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS”

Moscow Exchange


Date of formation – December 19, 2011

December 2011. There was a merger of the two largest Russian stock exchanges. The Unified Exchange has received the temporary name of OJSC “MICEX-RTS”. Since 2017, the exchange has received the name Public Joint Stock Company “Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS” (Moscow Exchange).

Managment structure
General Meeting of Shareholders
Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Board
Governing body

Authorized capital
43.6 million US dollars (31.03.2018)

Main markets

Securities are traded on the Moscow Exchange Stock Market in three sectors: Main Market, Standard and Classica. Derivative financial instruments are traded on the Derivatives Market of the Moscow Exchange (stock, currency and commodity derivatives, as well as futures on interest rates). Foreign currency trading takes place on the Forex Market in the electronic trading system, which unites regional technical centers in a single trading session (ETS). In part of the repo market, trades are held in the following modes: repos with stocks, bonds; direct repos with the Bank of Russia; REPO with the Central Counterparty. Trading in exchange commodities in gold, grain, and sugar was organized on the National Commodity Exchange.

Stock market indices: the MICEX index is based on ruble (Russian ruble) price values. The RTS index is based on dollar (US dollar) price values. Sectoral indices of the most liquid shares of Russian issuers belonging to the main industry segments of the Russian market (currently 8 industries are represented). Capitalization indices of the most liquid stocks of Russian issuers, segmented by capitalization.

The Moscow Exchange family of bond indices includes the Corporate Bond Index (MICEX СBI), the Municipal Bond Index (MICEX MBI) and the Government Bond Index (RGBI), reflecting the situation in various segments of the Russian bond market. The exchange calculates pension savings market indices, volatility index, which is based on the price volatility of options on the RTS Index, as well as the regional index of the Siberian Federal District.

Phone: +7 (495) 363-32-32
Fax: +7 (495) 363-32-32
Юридический адрес: Russia, 125009, Moscow, Bolshoy Kislovsky 13
Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO

Yury Denisov

Chief Information Officer

Andrey Burilov

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Andrey Selyuk

Managing Director for Sales
and Business Development

Igor Marich

Chief Operating Officer (COO),

Dmitry Shcheglov