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AMX| Armenia Securities Exchange Sums up the First Quarter

AMX| Armenia Securities Exchange Sums up the First Quarter

The insights of the first quarter at Armenia Securities Exchange have shown a surge of market value and traded value of securities in comparison with the same quarter data since 2017.

Traded value of the government bonds in Q1 made AMD25.8 bln which is an increase of 296% (2019), 113% (2018) and 93% (2017), respectively.

Compared with the Q1, 2019 the market value surged 17%, passing AMD712 bln threshold. The average value of trades meanwhile grew up by 103%, even though this same value is 29% lower than average value of trades in Q1, 2017. The number of trades with RA government rose by 95% compared with the same period of 2019.

Corporate bonds show the same dynamic growth both in market value and traded value of securities compared to the indices of the last 3 years. Market value of the Q1 grew 46% reaching AMD233bln in comparison with the same period last year.

Traded value in Q1,2020 was with 87% more than in Q1,2019, reaching over AMD10bln.  Compared to Q1, 2017 traded value has surged for 5 times. The same refers to the average traded value (5%) and the number of trades (78%).

The popularity of REPO agreements among Armenian investors comes to prove the systematic growth of the traded value of the instrument. Thus, if in Q1, 2018 the total traded value made only AMD666mln, today it has increased for over 10 times and has reached AMD 6.8 bln. This index is by 278% for the 1st quarter of 2019 and by 22% more than in Q4, 2019.

The number of REPO agreements grew by 228% in Q1, 2019, while the average traded value rose by 18%.

The same increase in dynamics can be seen in equity data. Traded value in Q1, 2020 has shown 271% growth compared with Q1,2019, reaching AMD1.6bln. While the market capitalization has surged by 3%, reaching the total sum of AMD148.9 bln. The number of trades has decreased by around 8%.

AMX continues its modernization despite the emergency condition declared by the government of Armenia on the outbreak of COVID-19.
Being a company with high social responsibility, we have provided the conditions necessary for our employees to work remotely in accordance with applicable procedures. The uninterrupted operation of Armenian Securities Exchange under the state of emergency declared in the country is an important guarantee for the stability and normal development of the Armenian financial market.