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AMX has launched a new exchange service in the FX market

AMX has launched a new exchange service in the FX market

FX platform without electronic deponation has been successfully launched on Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX), which is a new type of exchange service in the Armenian FX market.

The new platform gives additional flexibility to the participants to manage their funds, as this exchange service is distinguished by the absence of a pre-deponation mechanism for AMD and foreign currency funds.

The participants of the new platform are the RA commercial banks. The possibility of increasing the number of participants will be considered in the future depending on the market development tendencies. Trading in USD/AMD and EUR/AMD pairs are currently allowed.

The mechanism of foreign exchange trading without deponation will be a new incentive not only for the activation of the foreign exchange market, but also for the implementation of new tools and mechanisms in the regulated securities market. AMX continues to be committed to the modernization of the regulated securities market, currency exchange platforms and new services.