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Armenia Securities Exchange

“Armenia Securities Exchange” (AMX)  open joint stock company – former “NASDAQ OMX Armenia” – is the only stock exchange currently operating in Armenia. For nearly a decade now, the stock exchange has been the organized market for securities in Armenia offering market professionals a fully automated electronic trading platform. Today, instruments traded on the stock exchange include stocks, corporate and Government bonds, currency, credit resources, as well as  REPO (repurchase agreements) and SWAP.Armenia Securities Exchange continues working to introduce other organized markets as well.

The Central Bank of Armenia is the supervisory and regulatory authority for the stock exchange  and the Armenian capital market.

AMX’s mission is to provide an efficient and transparent exchange market with fair securities pricing mechanisms, which will enable Armenian companies to raise capital and contribute to the development of the Armenian economy. Through its listing services, the stock exchange also helps public companies raise capital to finance their capital needs. After becoming a part of NASDAQ OMX in early 2008, the stock exchange has further increased its efforts to implement the best standards and practices for company listing, for the purpose of further enhancing investor confidence in the Armenian market. AMX is a member to the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS)and the International Association of CIS Exchanges. Since 2008 AMX  has also been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia.

AMX is insured against public liability, as well as fire and alied pears, property and business continuity interruption.

Phone: +374 60 69 55 55 ext. 111
Fax: +374 10 543 321 ext. 135
Юридический адрес: 26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan str., 5th floor, Erebuni Plaza Business Centre, str., Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Hayk Yeganyan