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About the Association

International Association of Exchanges of the Commonwealth of Independent States (abbreviated as Association, MAB CIS, MAB or IAEx).

MAB CIS was established in Moscow in April 2000.

MAB is an international non-profit organization, carries out its activities on the principles of voluntariness and self-government, is a legal entity established and acting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The main objectives of the Association are

  • Promotion of implementation of international securities market standards, development of cooperation in the field of monetary and financial relations through the development of national currency, stock, urgent and commodity markets.
  • Coordination of currency, stock and commodity exchange activities in order to promote mutual cooperation and development of international economic and financial ties.
  • Determination of priority directions in the development of financial markets, exchange commodity markets.
  • Technological cooperation and standardization.
  • Mutual study of the experience of the organization of currency, stock and other financial markets, as well as commodity exchange markets

The MAB includes leading financial and commodity exchanges, organizations (depositaries, settlement companies) of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which play a key role in servicing mutual financial turnover, currency transactions, government and corporate securities, commodity lots. Organizations – MAB members are the central link in the financial infrastructure. Being between the monetary authorities (regulators) and the market participants, they not only organize tenders and conduct calculations, but act as a catalyst for change and the introduction of innovations.

The Association actively cooperates and directly participates in the activities of the CIS Executive Committee, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the CIS Finance and Banking Council, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the CIS countries, the development of model laws as part of the project groups of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, in the meetings of the heads of authorized bodies for regulation of securities markets , expert groups and Subcommission of the Central (National) banks of the CIS countries.

The governing bodies of the Association
Governing Bodies
Name Description
General Meeting of the Association

The supreme governing body. It is convened at least once a year.

Association Council

Collegial management body. Manages the work between General Meetings.

Counsil of the IAEx CIS
Position Member of the IAEx Council
Chairman of the Management Board of JSC “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange”

Auchimenya Andrey Grigorievich

Member of the Management Board – Managing Director for Sales and Business Development

Marich Igor Leonidovich

Chairman of the Board of the Commodity Exchange “ETS”

Orazaev Kurmet Chaimordanovich

President of JSC “St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange”

Rybnikov Alexey Ernestovich

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC

Khoroshevskaya Natalia Yurievna

Position Member of the Directorate
Executive Director of the Association

Kuprin Alexey Igorevich

Chief Accountant of the Association

Shutova Olga Viktorovna

Executive Secretary

Kozlov Victor Andreevich

Audit Commission
Position Member of the Audit Commission
Vice-President of JSC “St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange”

Gerasyuk Alexey Nikolaevich

Finance Director
Armenia Securities Exchange

Hayrapetyan Mikayel Arturovich

Chairman of the Management Board
Uzbek Republican Stock Exchange “TOSHKENT”

Usmonov Bekzod Shavkatovich

The Provision on the Committee on the Commodity Markets under the IAEx of CIS