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Belarusian sawn timber will be supplied to Japan via BUCE

Belarusian sawn timber will be supplied to Japan via BUCE

Shimizu Lumber Co. Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of timber products to the Japanese market, intends to purchase sawn timber on the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE). The company has already completed all the paperwork becoming the first resident of Japan accredited by BUCE. As a result, the geography of exchange trade now encompasses 68 countries.

Shimizu Lumber specializes in timber harvesting and woodworking, sawn timber import and export, manufactures construction materials and furniture, and renders transportation and logistics services. The company views the Belarusian market as an opportunity to diversify its sources of import – primarily softwood boards – that are in great demand in Japan.

“Japan, like many other states, has been affected by the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, however, the country’s economy, and more specifically its construction sector, is actively recovering, which keeps the demand for sawn timber is at a record high level. Since Japan is not endowed with sufficient reserves of its own forest resources, most of the country’s timber needs have to be satisfied through import. Our company already purchases significant volumes of raw wood and lumber in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. We have not worked with Belarus before, but we believe that we will be able to establish long-term fruitful cooperation with the local suppliers. In this regard, we count on the assistance and support from BUCE with this matter,” Shimizu Lumber said representatives said.

Shimizu Lumber Co., Ltd was founded in 1950. The company’s main business area is the production and sale of sawn timber. Shimizu Lumber in based in Kobe (Honshu Island, Japan). It also has branches in the USA and Canada.