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Illiquid assets can now be bought and sold on BUCE

Illiquid assets can now be bought and sold on BUCE

As part of a set of measures to develop a digital economy in the Republic of Belarus, BUCE has launched a new service for state-run and privately owned companies. It allows selling illiquid assets through electronic auctions held on BUCE’s “BUCE-Property” platform.

The main goal of the project is 1) to help businesses free up their operating capital and 2) receive additional income from the sale of unused inventory and other illiquid assets.

BUCE expects that the service will become as useful tool to a wide range of organizations from different sectors of the economy, as well as individuals who can participate in electronic auctions as buyers.

Illiquid assets are a common problem for many organizations engaged in production or commerce. These include stocks of unused raw materials, spare parts, components, defective goods, expired products, containers – in other words everything that is difficult or impossible to sell through traditional distribution channels. Therefore, BUCE has come up with an efficient solution to this issue. Thanks to “BUCE-Property” platform, one can quickly find potential buyers and convert such unwanted assets into cash.

What is more, since illiquid assets are sold at electronic auctions their price is bound to increase. It means that the seller will be able not only to clear the warehouse space but also to earn some extra profit.

Electronic auctions are held online, which makes them accessible via internet to any company or individual around the globe. That is why all foreign buyers are welcome to participate.