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Representatives of the BCSE took part in the Financing Fair 2023

Representatives of the BCSE took part in the Financing Fair 2023

On November 17, 2023, the 3rd business conference Financing Fair organized by the REVERA legal group together with the investment consulting company ASER was held in Minsk at the Beijing Hotel.

The event brought together more than two hundred participants, including representatives of banks and professional participants in the securities market, leasing organizations, heads of financial services and directors for the development of medium and large businesses in the Republic of Belarus, as well as technology companies and startups.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the BCSE Boris Fridman participated in the block “Bonds vs tokens: what is happening in the debt financing market?” with a report on the topic On-Exchange Bond Market. A representative of the BCSE spoke about the development of new areas of activity of the trading platform (programs for issuing exchange-traded bonds, direct access to trading for qualified investors, new instruments, etc.) and answered questions from participants.

During the conference, about thirty experts presented financial support products available today to Belarusian enterprises and shared their experience in the field of leasing, banking, venture capital and bond markets.